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VJ Day in Colour

VJ Day 1945. THE ESTATIC faces of people celebrating VJ Day have been brought back to life after being expertly colourised to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the victory. Vivid colour images show a delighted woman using paper as a makeshift megaphone to announce the victory to people on the street, two women holding a newspaper from the day war started and the announcement of peace and sailors and DC residents dancing the conga in front of the White House. Other stunning shots show US soldier holding Japanese flags in celebration, raising the American flag in Okinawa and the iconic photo of a sailor kissing a woman in Times Square, New York. Additional images from WW2 itself have been shown, including the 1941 Pearle Harbor attack by Japan on the US Fleet, and the Nagasaki nuclear bomb by the US against Japan in 1945, which led to the surrender by Japan and effectively brought WW2 to a close. The original black and white photographs were painstakingly colourised by electrician Royston Leonard (53) from Cardiff, Wales. Royston Leonard / mediadrumimages.com